Lord Ashcroft publishes biggest ever independent survey of the Armed Forces

Lord Ashcroft has today published The Armed Forces & Society: The military in Britain through the eyes of Service personnel, employers and the public. The report is based on seven months of research, including a survey of more than 9,000 serving Forces personnel. For more information please visit www.lordashcroftpolls.com.

Lord Ashcroft writes in The Sunday Telegraph of his 50 great heroes

To mark The Sunday Telegraph&s half-century as a newspaper Lord Ashcroft was asked to write about 50 great heroes. To read the article click here.

Lord Ashcroft’s latest book George Cross Heroes is released

Please visit www.georgecrossheroes.com for more information.

Lord Ashcroft interview with The Sunday Telegraph

Lord Ashcroft tells Olga Craig of the touching stories of valour behind his 30m medal collection, to be unveiled at the Imperial War Museum. Click here to read the full story.

Lord Ashcroft on the romance and tales of exceptional valour

Courage is difficult to understand and impossible to measure. In an article for the Mail on Sunday Lord Ashcroft explores what it is that makes people willing to risk their lives for others. To read the full article please click here.

Chavasse Double VC joins the Ashcroft VC Collection

The Great War’s only double VC, awarded to Captain Noel Chavasse, joins the Ashcroft VC Collection. To read the full story from The Sunday Telegraph please click here.

A personal tribute to Lt Col Eric Wilson VC

Click here to read Lord Ashcroft's personal tribute to Lt Col Eric Wilson VC published in Medal News in February 2009.

Why we must honour Bomber Command

To read the full article, published in The Daily Telegraph on 07 November 2008 please click here.

Lord Ashcroft announces release date for his new book, Special Forces Heroes

For more information please click here or visit www.specialforcesheroes.com.

Lord Ashcroft supports Help for Heroes

In an interview with BBC London News Lord Ashcroft talks of his support for the forthcoming Help for Heroes Rugby Challenge at Twickenham on 20 September 2008. To watch the full news clip please click here.

Lord Ashcroft explains why he is giving the Imperial War Museum 5 million to display his collection of Victoria Crosses

The collection, which was started 22 years ago, spans every force - Army, Navy and RAF - and Lord Ashcroft's donation will enable them all to be seen at the Imperial War Museum in a new gallery which opens in autumn 2010. To read the full article please click here.

Channel 4 report on Lord Ashcroft's Victoria Cross collection

To watch the full report on the largest Victoria Cross collection in the world please click here.

Lord Ashcroft's Victoria Cross collection - the largest in the world - is to go on public display following his 5 million donation to the Imperial War Museum

The world's largest collection of Victoria Crosses (VCs), belonging to the Michael A Ashcroft Trust, is to be displayed publicly for the first time in a new gallery at Imperial War Museum London. To read the full press release please click here.

Ashcroft and Dallaglio pledge support to Help for Heroes

To view news articles and read the full story please click here.

Five line up new SAS TV series

To see the full story please click here.

Lord Ashcroft offers additional reward for the capture of New Zealand medal thieves

Lord Ashcroft has offered an additional reward for information leading to the apprehension and conviction of the New Zealand medal thieves. Click here for full story.

Lord Ashcroft visits New Zealand

Lord Ashcroft, whose reward led to the return of the Country's stolen bravery medals, visits New Zealand. Click here for full story.

Why 24 year old Royal Marine should receive the VC

Lord Ashcroft voices his belief that Lance Corporal Matthew Croucher should be awarded the Victoria Cross for his bravery in Afghanistan. Click here for full story.

Exhibition of 50 Victoria Crosses from The Ashcroft VC Collection announced

Exhibition of 50 Victoria Crosses from The Ashcroft VC Collection announced

Spink announces they will be hosting an exhibition of fifty Victoria Crosses from the most important collection of these Awards ever formed. Click here for full story.


Stolen NZ VCs recovered

The Victoria Crosses stolen in New Zealand in December 2007 have been recovered with the help of Lord Ashcroft's reward, offered for information leading to their safe return. To view Lord Ashcroft's TV interview with NZTV on the medals recovery click here or to view a full newspaper article of the story click here.


Crimestoppers Most Wanted website features NZ VC theft

To visit site and see full story please click here.


Lord Ashcroft offers reward for stolen NZ VCs

Lord Ashcroft offers reward for information leading to the recovery of the Victoria Crosses stolen in New Zealand on 02 December 2007. Click here for full story.

Tul Bahadur Pun

Lord Ashcroft puts weight behind VC Gurkha hero banned from the UK

For the latest on the plight of Tul Bahadur Pun VC click here.

Click here for Daily Mail article, 29 May 2007.

David Rattray

David Rattray: A Tribute by Michael Ashcroft

I am shocked and deeply saddened by the news from South Africa that David Rattray has been murdered by intruders who broke into his home near Rorke's Drift. I find it difficult to comprehend that the life of a dear friend has been cut short in such a senseless and tragic way. More

Victoria Cross Heroes

A book and a television series

Including a foreword by HRH The Prince of Wales, the President of the Victoria Cross and George Cross Association, this book is a moving testament to the many brave servicemen who have been awarded the Victoria Cross over the last 150 years. Their stories should not go unheard. The updated paperback version of Victoria Cross Heroes is due for release on 3 May 2007.

Michael Ashcroft

Michael Ashcroft - the man behind the book

Since he was a boy Michael Ashcroft has been fascinated by the VC and by the daring circumstances in which each medal was won. Victoria Cross Heroes is the second book that he has written in two years.

The history of the VC

The history of the VC

The Victoria Cross is Britain's most prestigious military honour, awarded for valour in the presence of the enemy. From the Crimea to Iraq, it has been bestowed only 1,355 times, proving the recipients' bravery beyond all doubt - always facing mortal danger, sometimes a certain death.

Prince Charles

Prince Charles introduces VC TV series

In this short video the Prince of Wales introduces the channel five series Victoria Cross Heroes, which is being aired on channel five at 8pm on 18th and 25th November and 3rd December. Watch

Prince Charles

Michael Ashcroft speaks about his book

In an exclusive interview Lord Ashcroft talks movingly about his rationale for building the collection and why it means so much to him. Watch